Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thunder Storm

Nothing makes my day more than a rainstorm.  Today I came home after sleeping at a friends house, hopped in the shower, then just lounged around my house.  It wasn't long before I heard the clash of thunder outside and watched the rain quickly come down.  So naturally, of course, I put on one of my cute summer dresses, hooked my iphone up to some speakers in the garage, played "slow dancing in the burning room" by John Mayer, and danced barefoot in the mud and pouring rain.  It really is the simple pleasures in life that make it worth while.

Upon returning inside my dog, who had been barking the entire time I was dancing, greeted me as if I'd been gone for months.  When I went upstairs, she tweaked at the bottom barking and barking.  I just ignored her, but thought it was strange that she was acting so crazy.  She then, apparently, became so desperate she attempted to go up 3 steps, realized she was afraid of stairs, then started yiping.  I immediately went to get her... poor dog was shivering like mad... Forgot this is the first thunderstorm of the year... oops.  The second I picked her up and was near her she was fine.  She refuses to be further than a foot away from me and if I go somewhere she cannot, she barks until I get back.

What really got me thinking, and maybe this is a bit out of the bark, was at one point she was sitting calmly on my stomach and then the thunder roared and she immediately was at attention on the top of the couch barking and then silently observing... I always wondered if that was what it was like for soldiers on the battlefront.. They stand tall and brave and strong as they protect their country and their loved ones, but inside is just a little boy holding a toy gun shivering with fear at the unknown darkness stretching out before him.  This thought sends shivers down my spine and suddenly I'm really missing all of my Marines fighting for our freedom.  I really hope Ian and David are alright... I don't know what I would do without my 2 best friends... although one is a real brother and one is not, I love them both and it is just difficult to see them afraid.  Ian it is a bit easier to picture as that small boy holding a toy gun, because it does not seem all that long ago that he and I were playing 'secret agents' with our little toy nerf guns.  Now he is walking up to live bombs and saving lives by defusing them... My big brother is all grown up and so must I be as I sit here and pray; waiting for my Marines to come home.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer Time

Well, I somehow survived finals and have now floated into the glorious beauty that is summer.  I promise I will get better at writing in my blog, especially now that Ian is deployed.  For now it is off to my usual busy Wednesday!

McConnell Out