Saturday, January 10, 2009

Haiti Day 9

Jouer 9

Le 10 Janvier, 2009

I woke up this morning around 7 or so and brushed my teeth. I then just wandered around and joked around with the Haitian workers and the group. The group was mixed in feelings with all those heading home today. Some were excited and some were not, then there was me: I’d rather curl up and die than leave Haiti, but I have to go. I need to go to school.

Breakfast was solid pancakes, pineapple, and oatmeal once again. I sat next to Ronnie whose presence just seems to calm me. We had a lot of fun and it was easy to see just how close the group had become.

After breakfast, Jerry and I checked his e-mail to find that Steph had sent us the names of the two kids the orphanage was sponsoring. The boy was Tiken who was a part of the first group. The girl was Judencie!! I could not believe it when I heard. My favorite girl in the orphanage was the one the youth group was sponsoring! I had Wilfred help me find them, got our picture taken, then loaded my stuff on the bus. (Couldn’t find Tiken L)

The worst part of the entire trip came next: saying goodbye.

The goodbyes started with Ricardo who just hollered ‘Megrit!” then gave me a huge hug. It was like saying goodbye to family. We exchanged emails because he wants to practice his English and I want to practice my French and we both want to keep in touch. Next was Marcello; (Marco) more hugs and he gave me his number. Then Emmanuel- who refused email address exchanges because I have to come back again to get it. It’s hard to say goodbye. Then we all took some pictures. Finally, it was time to say goodbye to Ronnie. I almost cried! We exchanged hugs and email addresses, then I headed towards the bus and had almost made it when I got a ‘hey, hey!’ from Jerry, “you forgetting your own fellow roof team!?” I ran back and gave them all a hug. I already miss Jerry. He makes me smile so much, he’s such a friendly guy, and really took such good care of me. I finished with hugs and hopped on the bus to Port-au-Prince.

We dropped the Texans off at the airport then our group crammed into the Kia with me, Andy, and Annie in the back. It was a fun, semi-bumpy ride as we passed through a few stereotypical Haitian towns with everything built on piles of dump. The ride lasted and hour and a half and I got a little sunburned, but we made it safely to ____ bay. It’s easy to forget we’re in Haiti while we’re in this place. It is like being in a hotel in the Bahamas again. The rooms are gorgeous and we had an amazing lunch with a ton of bread and butter. Right after lunch, we swam in the ocean, which felt amazing, bought some jewelry from the beach vendors, laid in the sun, watched the sun set, then took a nice warm shower before meeting up to talk for a while before dinner. Exhaustion came quick. I finished my book, now it is time for sleep.