Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's The Small Things

It is the little blessings that God puts into our lives that amaze me the most.  I was making a deposit through the drive through window at the bank when I looked over and saw a minivan two isles over.  In the back of the van was a small girl with blonde hair who looked to be about the age of four.  I couldn’t help but smiling and waving at the adorable character and she turned away from me and towards her mother.  Although I could not see the girl’s face, I could only assume that she told her mother in the front see about the lady in the truck that just waved at them, as the mother looked at me and smiled.  The mother then proceeded (I thank the Lord for my lip-reading skills on this one) to ask the daughter if she had waved back.  Before long I had 2 little girls’ faces waving at me (I had not seen her twin sister in the seat next to her) with sparkling eyes complimenting their broad smiles.  The mom continued to look back at me and smile even after her children had stopped waving.  I couldn’t help but to feel a surge of joy come within myself.  A smile I know I have caused is all it takes to make my day and I had just received three.  Live for the moment and rejoice in the simple things in life.  God’s beauty is all around you and nothing can take you away from that!
The rest of the day consisted of a drive up to Birch Shores with me randomly quoting a single line from Family Guy by shouting ‘butt scratcher!’ at random moments throughout the trip.  My mother would be annoyed by it one minute, and the next minute she’d be laughing hysterically.  I think I frightened the lady at the Walgreens pharmacy by randomly saying that line as well.  Oh well, such is life and I enjoy it!  I am now at Birch Shores, surrounded by temptations that have brought me away from God’s grace in the past, yet I feel a certain peace about this year.  I have a feeling at this year, the enemy’s temptations will have no taunt for me as God is my Lord and Savior and there is nothing that I need in this world besides Him.  In the mean time, I look forward to once again being in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, so close yet so far from school, and waking up to the smells and the sounds of Great Manistique Lake.  Thank you, Lord, for your almighty beauty.